Academy: Spring 2022

Class Overview

Pre-Ballet A transitional Fairytale to Academy class. (optional tap extension) Ballet 1 A traditional Academy Class with integration of classical Ballet's and their characters over 3-6 week periods. (optional tap extension) Dance Combo A classic combination class with basics in ballet, tap, & jazz.  A great class for new or continuing dance students.


Assists in the developing of gross motor skill such as running to leap

Advances dance skills, timing & rhythms

Builds self-esteem and self-confidence

Reduces stress with an inward focus, stretching and controlled breathing

Strengthens core and balance


Pre-Ballet (K&1st)  1hr or 75min w/ Tap

Ballet 1 (2nd&3rd)  1hr or 75min w/ Tap

Combo (6-8yrs)  45min

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Ballerinas:  Class Leotard, pink ballet shoes and tights, black tap shoes if applicable, hair in bun.

Ballet dancers:  Dark colored leggings, white or light colored t-shirt, black or pink/neutral ballet shoes, black tap shoes if applicable.

*Class attire information will come in a class welcome email and/or on the 1st day of class, or you may call to inquire.

Combo: Any style leotard, convertible tights for barefoot work, dance shorts/leggings and ballet & tap shoes.


Performance Opportunities

Annual Ballet Recital:  June 19th

Total: $407.00