Fairytale Ballerinas Summer Camps

Camp Details

Fairytale Ballerinas (3-6yrs)

1 Day / 1.5hr or 3hr Mini-Camp ($45/$65): 

Friday Frozen **FULL**


2 Days/ Mini or Full Camps

1.5 hr Mini-Camp: Wed&Fri / 10:30-12:00

3 hr Full-Camp: Wed&Fri / 10:30-1:30 w/lunch bunch/



1 day 1.5/3hr:  $45/65 Mini-Camp/

2 days 1.5/3hr:  $85/125 Mini-Camp

Classroom Information

This is a Drop-Off Camp for 3-6 years.

LUNCH BUNCH: Please send a nut-free sack lunch with your ballerina.

(single days by request where space is available)


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Weekly Themes

FULL** Week of 8/14: Frozen 



Annual School Year Registration Fee

Is based by school year and is paid once per account upon first enrollment of the school year (mid July 23-mid July 24)

(Resetting with release of fall schedule in July each year/If you have any issues with a duplicate charge after July 22nd, please reply to your confirmation email and we will adjust the fee)

Total: $45.00