Pointe I: Spring 2021

Pointe I trains the dancer to perform basic ballet techniques on pointe. This class is intended for the serious dancer who is taking 2 additional ballet classes per week which insures the student is physically prepared. Recommended for Ballet III or IV.

Assists in the developing of gross motor skill such as running to leap

Builds self-esteem and self-confidence

Reduces stress with an inward focus, stretching and controlled breathing

Age Range

6th-12th Grade.

Division Length

1-3 years


Pre-Pointe or teacher approval. Ballet enrollment required with Pointe.



Class Leotard (information given on 1st day), pink ballet shoes and tights, tan tap shoes, hair in bun.

Level Recommendations

Students not physically prepared for Pointe will find it painful and frustrating. For a successful class, it is important to wait until the body is ready.

Total: $357.00